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Changshou City crown day new materials Co., Ltd. launched 480KW distributed photovoltaic power plant project

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The project is invested by Changshou City crowns new materials Co., Ltd., the survey and design of Hangzhou national electric energy environment design institute, and the construction of Jiangsu and Rui Electric Development Co., Ltd., and the design of installed capacity 480KW.

It is estimated that after the completion of the project, the annual generating capacity is about 550 thousand degrees, which saves electricity costs for enterprises. While reflecting the economic benefits, it has achieved the goal of energy saving and emission reduction and green development.

More significant is that this project is the first attempt of crown day in this project. At present, the photovoltaic traditional business has developed steadily, supported by policy, accelerated the operation of the power station. The company makes rational use of the resources, continues to explore the power plant business, strengthens the company's sustainable management ability, and adds a new direction to the development of the company's business.

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